Woman reaching for her neck as she's experiencing pain
Chiropractor assessing woman's lower neck
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Neck complaints arise from a vast number of different causes. We see plenty of people who present with pain following an acute injury, such as whiplash type injury, collision with the bottom of a pool or sand in the surf, a hit on the head by a basketball or a heavy impact in a football tackle. We also see those who have a more chronic insidious problem. Common complaints accompanying neck pain may be; headaches, stiffness, shoulder pain, pins and needles down the arm or a feeling of weakness in the arm.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the more acute types of injuries are vastly outnumbered by another cause. What’s known as “static loading”. Static loading simply means being stuck in the one position under a constant load. This of course happens with:

Man touching the back of his neck
Woman leaning to the side, holding hand on her neck as she's in pain

With the head in the one position under load, the spine is under considerable strain. The muscles fatigue, discs and ligaments are under strain, the nervous system is under-stimulated, and the neck tightens up. Often it is the thoracic spine below the neck that jams up but will consequently produce neck muscle and joint pain.

As Gonstead chiropractors we analyse where the problem arises and where clinically indicated, attend to this with the application of manual care (spinal adjustments). It is important to also address postural and movement pattern issues and prescribe appropriate exercises.