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Headaches or ‘head pain’ can be caused from a vast number of conditions. They can sometimes originate from more sinister causes, however, most do not and can be often be helped with chiropractic care.

Migraine headaches are a genetic condition with potentially a multitude of triggers.

Dysfunction of your spinal joints as well as tightness within the supporting musculature may at times be one of the triggers for migraine, this is an area of particular interest for chiropractors. Learning self-management strategies in reducing potential triggers can be a useful part of a management plan for migraine sufferers.

Man experiencing headache while sitting at a cafe in front of his laptop
Woman experiencing migraine headache
Woman experiencing headache next to her son

Tension type and cervicogenic (which means originating from the neck) are other common headache types. Chiropractors will look to assess for a musculoskeletal component with possible nervous system effects in these types of cases. An assessment will typically include the mid and lower back (thoracic and lumbar spine) as well as the neck (cervical spine).

Lifestyle changes, such as following an exercise program, good nutrition, staying well hydrated, getting plenty of sleep and learning relaxation techniques can also be helpful with headaches. Taking regular breaks from work stations and from static positions is important, as is learning to improve postures in daily activities. As chiropractors, we will discuss and help you to manage these various contributing factors to headache conditions.