Kiara Karayannis


From a young age I’ve had a special interest in the human body and its incredible inbuilt ability to grow, develop and heal when necessary. I’ve been lucky to be raised by parents who are both chiropractors and so I have received regular adjustments since birth. This has resulted in my strong belief that good health comes from an optimally functioning nervous system, free from obstructions.

It was in my final year of high school that I decided I wanted to become a chiropractor (definitely one of my greatest decisions). Since then I have never looked back! Our family dinner conversations are always full of chiropractic talk, hundreds of queries and questions, all fuelling my desire to learn and grow as a chiropractor.
The philosophy and precision of the Gonstead chiropractic technique seemed to make natural sense to me and so I have made this the cornerstone of my approach in caring for patients. I also have a particular interest in caring for children and women, including through pregnancy. My desire is to help anyone who’s willing, to unleash their inbuilt potential to shine with health and vibrancy.

When I am not eagerly learning more about chiropractic, I enjoy cooking up a storm whilst listening to some killer beats. I also enjoy spending time by the water, whether it’s on the beach with a good book, or on a wharf with a fishing rod and good company. All in all, I thrive from focusing on the good in each day and in helping as many people as I can.

Looking forward to helping you on your journey!

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